What Not To Do When Designing A Successful Mobile App

In reply to an article made by First Round: http://firstround.com/review/this-is-how-you-design-your-app-for-maximum-growth/

Bust sudden sources of friction.

You want to take away all friction in your app’s new consumer encounter prior to adding a lot more possibilities or catering to edge circumstances. You have to make sure there is only one particular clear, dominating action on each display of your app. Don’t present equal selections or the possibility of accidental taps on the wrong button. You can’t make assumptions that users will read any of the copy you provide. As a swift check, try out covering up the copy with your hand and see if the main action of the screen and its purpose are the two even now evident, Asatryan says.

In an article from iGadgetware, they mention that designing a successful mobile app can be tricky. It must not contain too much or too little information since both can be confusing to a would be user of the app. It needs to be simple, uncomplicated and unique. The app designer should never use a semblance of a well known app or popular one as this may also confuse or befuddle the potential user that it may be a copycat of the popular app. Design is almost everything because the user will want to use it if it appeals to them.

Space is another factor to consider in the correct designing of a mobile app. Devices that display these apps are often small and have a smaller screen such as a cell phone. The user wants a clear and concise idea of what the app will do once they hit the button. Simplicity, quality view and easy access are the keys to having designed an appealing and eye-catching mobile app.