Capponi Breeds Fun, Business, And Philanthropy In Miami

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Some of the group have been concerned in Jacmel for some time, such as Bello and New York movie director David Belle who runs a film college in Jacmel, the Cin Institute. Other folks, such as legendary designer Donna Karan and tennis star Venus Williams, had been introduced to Haiti soon after the earthquake, along with Capponi.

When the bigwigs of the South Beach nightlife go out, they have a mind geared more towards business than having a good time. That is not to say that fun is lost on them. More so, they have fun gearing everything in the right direction and giving others a venue to let loose.

Pretty girls pass by in evening gowns and they don’t even look up. Well, some of them do. The line of the land is that they’re too busy to let a pretty girl distract them, and with good reason.


Michael Capponi (Michael Capponi Inlist) is more than just a nightlife mainstay. Branching into real estate, and now even cell phone applications to set the elite up in VIP, Capponi has his hands stretched out across Miami.

Miami is not the only place Capponi is a frequent guest. Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Capponi has traveled to the Island country more than 70 times. This busy schedule is reason why the girl in the nice dress is off his radar.